Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Stone Cold Steve Austin

I used to watch wrestling a lot when I was a kid.  As time went on I just got bored of it and I dismissed it because...well it's stupid.  It really is the dumbest form of entertainment but it's such a hoot.  Recently I got back into it and I decided to look up some of my more favorite matches back in the day.  A lot of these matches involved Stone Cold Steve Austin, a heel that I hated back in the day. 

Now I can't get enough of the sonofabitch. 

He's such a textbook badass and I truly wish I could deliver a stunner to anyone who bothers me...and have it like...you know...work. 

Lol there's no reason why any given wrestlers "finishing move" should do more damage than any other move.  The Rock's "Rock Bottom" for example is just a very simple slam.  That's it. 

Like I said before, this shit is dumb but it's a hoot. 

Sunday, January 15, 2012

My cousin is a sarcastic kid

You might have heard about this X-mas thing that recently happened.  If it doesn't sound familiar it's also called Christmas.  My cousin Luke decided to send my Mom and Dad a thank you note for their gift to him (lacrosse balls).  Below is the thank you note:
 *In case you can't read it*
Uncle Dan and Joanne,
Thank you for the lacrosse balls.  There were 12, They are red.  Red is the color of my science folder and 2 out of the 11 family photo albums.  Thank you

He's 16 and a half.  I lost it when I read the note so I decided to write a thank you note for the thank you note:

My response:
Dearest cousins Luke and Ken (my other cousins name is Kyle)
I am glad you liked our gifts.  I knew that you two liked the color red because I once saw you two wearing red shirts once. 
Because I love both of you, I took the liberty of including a list of red things written on red ink on red paper. 
Love your older (thus superior) cousin,

Here's what is on the list:
Matador's Cape
Paint (sometimes)
Any given item on Valentines Day

Friday, January 13, 2012

Apologize to cavemen- Skyrim release date

I would like to apologize to any cavemen I might have offended yesterday.  By implying that a caveman could be a scumbag I did not mean to imply that all cavemen are scumbags. 

In the meanwhile, this image that I created not too long ago is certainly no longer relevant...but my pet peeve behind it still lingers. 

I loved Skyrim despite some of the game flaws...but that whole release date irked me.  You see a lot of films try to make release dates look cool.  Just release it when you're ready to release it I say. 

Some people defend this sub-par marketing strategy by saying that it helps us remember the release date.  Well maybe it does but can anyone honestly say that they would have forgotten about Skyrim if the release date was 11/12/11? 

"Oh man I'm so excited for Skyrim, gonna be great!"

"Hm?"  What now?"

"The Oblivion sequel."

"I...I don't remember."

"Yeah it's coming out on the 11'th."

"Oh that's right Dragons!" 

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Create a meme failure

I tried to create a meme.  This is a cardinal sin on the internet.  One does not simply create a meme.  I've noticed a growing trend with all of the spin-off scumbag *blank* memes.  Check out the ones below:
*Note* I did NOT create the three images below.  They were just the first memes to come up when I searched for "scumbag" on reddit.


If you'll notice all of the punchlines deal with hypocrisy.  On a simpler level these jokes revolve around the same delivery:
"Promises something good"
"Delivers something bad"

So I was wondering if I could simply create the most basic...or primitive form of meme to illustrate this common delivery in a satirical sort of way.
Ladies and Gentlemen (If I left gentlemen uncapitalized would feminists like me more?) I introduce to you a very failed meme...scumbag caveman.
The main reason why this meme sucks is because....it's only good for one joke lol.  Unless others can prove me wrong in the comments.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Shit day

This is not going to be a good day. 
I have to get up at shit o'clock at take my sister over to her dentists appointment. 
I then have to study for GRE's for (x) amount of hours.  Algebra is actually affecting the way I speak.
Then I have to go to my dentists appointment and get two cavities drilled which is fucking bullshit.  I know of no one else who takes better teeth than me.  I brush 3x a day, floss 3x a day and use cavity resistant mouth wash.  I rarely eat sweets. 
"Oh looks like you need cavities lol!" 
What a troll mouth. 
And then I have to go to work for 6 hours. 
I have to do all of these things hungover.  That's bad to be hungover on a Wednesday.  That means I drank too much on a Tuesday. 

On a side note I'm going to try and stem away from these bullshit uncreative blog posts.  So many people are writing shit about their inane life and almost no one else should give a shit. 

Monday, January 9, 2012


So I'm taking the GRE's in March.  I'm a bit nervous because my math skills are extremely rusty.  I never cared for math in school but the more I study it now the more I enjoy it weirdly enough.  I experience a sort of calm in the predictable nature of solving it.  Before you ask, no I am not diagnosed with aspergers syndrome.

 On a very unrelated note: The Big Bang is awful.  I saw a handful of episodes at work not too long ago and every single punchline was oriented around the fact that they are nerds and thus do nerd like things.  Every single one.  I'll write a more in-depth review later.  Back to GRE shit. 

It's the fucking vocabulary that's the problem.  I enjoy reading and I'd like to think that I have an extensive vocabulary but I have not heard of most of the words on these recommended word lists.  For the most part I am using Barron's word list.  It wouldn't be so tedious if I didn't have a poor short term memory.  I'll do the best I can to remember a handful of words one day and then the next day I would have completely forgotten about them (save maybe a handful).  I'm currently trying to memorize about 30 a day.

I'm also attempting to take one practice exam a day.  Supposedly that helps out a great deal when it comes to verbal and quantitative score improvement.  

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Lego Versus Combine

Hey everyone,
Here's a link to a video I made all on my own.  If anyone is interested (a.k.a. if just one person asks), then I'll make a post about how I did done...done that shit.
I think that this is my favorite film that I've made.  I've forgotten how useful the source engine is for independent filmmakers.

Over the next few days I plan on showing some screenshots of some of my current projects also done in the source engine.  I was able to enhance the graphics of garrysmod thanks to fakefactory's graphical mod conversion.  Link is below:
Anyway that's all for today.  See you all tomorrow.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

First Post

Hey there,
So I'm using this blog as a means of getting my creative work out there.  If you like it then fine, if not then oh well.
By "creative work" I mean anything that I've worked on before that required creative thought.  Derp.  I've been interested in dabbling in graphic novels, films, film posters, writing, etc.  The only creative hobby I don't care for is music.  I'll elaborate:  I enjoy listening to music but I'm garbage when it comes to making it.
Here's a frame of one of my older video projects.  It's from a video called "Lego Versus Combine".  I will post a link to that video shortly.