Friday, January 13, 2012

Apologize to cavemen- Skyrim release date

I would like to apologize to any cavemen I might have offended yesterday.  By implying that a caveman could be a scumbag I did not mean to imply that all cavemen are scumbags. 

In the meanwhile, this image that I created not too long ago is certainly no longer relevant...but my pet peeve behind it still lingers. 

I loved Skyrim despite some of the game flaws...but that whole release date irked me.  You see a lot of films try to make release dates look cool.  Just release it when you're ready to release it I say. 

Some people defend this sub-par marketing strategy by saying that it helps us remember the release date.  Well maybe it does but can anyone honestly say that they would have forgotten about Skyrim if the release date was 11/12/11? 

"Oh man I'm so excited for Skyrim, gonna be great!"

"Hm?"  What now?"

"The Oblivion sequel."

"I...I don't remember."

"Yeah it's coming out on the 11'th."

"Oh that's right Dragons!" 


  1. You did the right thing in apologizing.

  2. DRAGONS! I'd like to think that was when the game was supposed to be released, and not some crummy marketing scheme.

  3. good to clear your conscience
    +following xx