Thursday, January 12, 2012

Create a meme failure

I tried to create a meme.  This is a cardinal sin on the internet.  One does not simply create a meme.  I've noticed a growing trend with all of the spin-off scumbag *blank* memes.  Check out the ones below:
*Note* I did NOT create the three images below.  They were just the first memes to come up when I searched for "scumbag" on reddit.

If you'll notice all of the punchlines deal with hypocrisy.  On a simpler level these jokes revolve around the same delivery:
"Promises something good"
"Delivers something bad"

So I was wondering if I could simply create the most basic...or primitive form of meme to illustrate this common delivery in a satirical sort of way.
Ladies and Gentlemen (If I left gentlemen uncapitalized would feminists like me more?) I introduce to you a very failed meme...scumbag caveman.
The main reason why this meme sucks is's only good for one joke lol.  Unless others can prove me wrong in the comments.


  1. hehe great meme :D following ;]

  2. Says he'll get meat

    Keeps it all for himself

  3. Doesn`t know anything about street art.
    Draws on walls.

  4. Yeah. This is a one-of for sure.

  5. How exactly do you pronounce meme?

    Meh-Meh? Mee-Mee? Mee-Meh?